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Garage door springs create the necessary tension for the door to easily move up and down. With every use, there is some wear and tear on the springs used in your garage door as they wind and unwind. Eventually, those springs are going to wear out as they are used to move your heavy door.

Broken Spring Replacement

At that time, you will need to replace the torsion springs. Doing spring replacement by yourself can actually be a dangerous job. There is a lot of tension in those wound up springs. Trying to adjust them or remove them yourself without the proper training could result in injury. Some special tools are also required to properly complete the job. You are not advised to replace garage door springs yourself. Even experienced technicians will get hurt from time to time. Call a professional who knows what they are doing and can complete the job in a short amount of time.

At A1 Garage Door, we offer spring replacement for one car and two car garages. Each service includes new springs, the trip charge, adjustments, labor and a door lube. Our Renton garage door repair technicians will do their work and not leave a mess. They will also inspect your door and offer any suggestions to help it work and run more smoothly so that your garage door lasts a long time. You will get a warranty with each service as well.





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